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    C|Net is reporting that the Treo will be announced on Monday.
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    If the Infoworld article is correct, Handspring may be in trouble with this release...the two monchrome units won't be avaiable until early next year, with the color version coming later next year?! Wow.

    I'm sure by early next year, Palm will have at least one more phone available (maybe in color); and Microsoft will probably have a Stinger phone available by that time.

    This will be DREADFUL if true. I was thinking about a Treo if it will be available in the next month, or so; but I'm almost certain I'll have a lot of different models of PDA/Phone combos to choose from by next year.
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    Handspring would not officially announce a product that would be available next year, this year. I would expect to see the Treos by Christmas. and Yes..I will be lining up to buy one to "supplement" my Prism if they sell them in Canada.
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    I would hope they are available before x-mas as well. But you wonder if there HAND (stock) is forced in light of a few things. The earnings report on the 17th, or the fact that this product was leaked some time ago. Or perhaps they are waiting to get GPRS "always on" support enablement from the infrastructure. (Big future for this part I think) I think that given that HandSpring is giving away VisorPhone now with plans they are trying to provide a pathway for GSM subscribers for the future to upgrade devices. I saw this link for BargainPDA that lists availability date of Mar 1, 2002. Hope that is not true.
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    If HandSpring isn't going to ship the Treo until March, they might as well postpone the official announcement. To get the jump on the competition, they must ship before Christmas.
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    It looks like Handspring has announced the Treo on their website. Doesn't appear it will be here until early 2002. Why announce it now?
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    Originally posted by tstarky
    It looks like Handspring has announced the Treo on their website. Doesn't appear it will be here until early 2002. Why announce it now?
    Because they don't run the risk of shooting themselves in the foot like Palm did. The treo isn't the threat to HS's current lineup that the m505 was to Palm's. Between that and the fact that the cat's already been let out of bag, the question had to be floating around HS, "Why not?"
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    to generate interest. "oh, lookie! I want one of those!"
    and probably to strengthen their stock a little. However, if they can't deliver, they're going to fall on their faces.
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    1. Maybe they can overdeliver and get it out before xmas

    2. Maybe some folks will pre-buy them as gifts (gift certificates)

    3. Maybe some folks will NOT buy something else if they know this is coming...

    curious why there's a $200 difference.. maybe one is 16mb. guess i'll check it out, though i'm REALLY waiting till color (and service in my neck of the woods).

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