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    I searched and didn't find anything on this, but if you go to Palm's site, they only have a Pre, Treo Pro and Centro listed. I think this is smart except I know some want a PRO feature set with the PalmOS, not WebOS.

    Many have discussed that they had too many hardware/software combos and the hardware/software split hurt the brand (particularly since WM sucks outside of corporate IT shops).

    Is this a good move? Will there be any further development of 3rd party PalmOS apps (upgrades or new apps)?
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    yes, its a good move.

    The POS is an aging, in OS terms ancient, OS that they can't really support any longer. Its time to cut ties with it completely. I figure the Centro will eventually be phased out as well, being the last POS device supported.
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    Isn't that the case for quite some time already... Last time I saw a TX on the website was long enough I don't even remember.
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    I hope they keep the Palm OS around for a while. It is still very useful, and my Centro works like a charm.
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    On the Palm site they list the Centro OS as "Access Powered"
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    That's because Access owns PalmOS. As for "Pro" features with PalmOS, the Centro is at least as functional as any PalmOS smartphone ever released by Palm.

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