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    In my opinion Palm should just make a device with larger screen with better resolution, horizontal physical sliding out keyboard eventually, make camera 5mpx, divx/xvid playback, add video recording capabilities to software, and it would be an ultimate device, sleek, fast, better multimedia oriented, and it would give so much more possibilities in web browsing and as a gaming platform similar to what we can see in iphone. Just a few tweeks, but in my opinion, it would sell even better than the Pre
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    Seeing how all the first apps are going to be written with the portrait view in mind (Pre / Eos) I'm not sure how Palm could switch to a landscape view phone. though the webOS is very flexible.

    I would love to see a double slider, but that would be a bulky phone. Maybe Ruby and Palm could pull it off though!

    A perfect webOS phone would be just a little wider then the Pre, MicroSDHC slot, same type of Keyboard, and a much bigger battery. I'm burning though this battery daily. The Treo Pro battery would be great, or maybe even a 2000 mAH battery. I wouldn't mind the extra weight.

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    How about adding 5way functionality around the little ball? Navigating the cursor while adding text (name, phonenumber, email address, any word...) is soooo frustrating. Try backing up 3characters in the middle of a word QUICKLY. A two-handed function+swipe is simply not the most effective approach.
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    I just meant landscape keyboard ofcourse, like one in htc touch pro. Heh, why not to even call this palm pre pro ;] I think that engineers of Palm wouldn't have many problems in porting ui to landscape mode. Just think how much pleasurable would be browing web on bigger screen with bigger res. Considering cpu spec i think that they should provide their hardware with higher mpx sensors. Really, the new power is in the os, why not to do some multimedia divice that would fulfill this greatness ? ;]
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