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    It seems that RadioShack (who I work for) is following in Best Buy's footsteps selling the Pre at retail for 899!!! Oringinally, they had it for 599 on June 2nd, and yesterday I checked and I see 899?! OMG It's only costing The Shack 549, so what's up with the greed? I don't know if this is intresting or not, but there it was. I took both of these pics with my 755 Sorry so blurry, I didnt realize I had a smudge on the lense until after i took the pics.
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    How about with Contract?
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    With contract it is $199 after instant rebate, just like at Best Buy.
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    Take this for what it's worth but I was wondering the actual retail price of the Pre myself as well right before launch day after seeing it for 850 at best buy. One guy posted this. Again I have no Idea how accurate this info might be.

    "I talked to an old friend, an employee at Best Buy and he told me that Best Buy acquires such a large commision on creating a new plan or upgrading through them that they would lose their usual profit if they sold it for the regular price In turn they jacked up the price to keep their same profit no matter who buys it. The two good things about getting a Pre at best buy is the ability to use 'Reward Zone' certificates and the rebate is instant instead of mail in."

    Damn I tried to link the site that message was in, but it said I can't post links till I have at least 10 post's ='-(.

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