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    anyone know how to sync iTunes movies to the Pre. I just got my Pre and I can sync everything else in iTunes but the movies dont. Please help me....
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    well, thats b/c you can't (at lest not as of yet if ever) if they are itunes store bought ones. I think it even says it in the manual for the pre. and if they are not, then make sure they are in a format the pre can read, and (b/c i'm not sure is you can do it in itunes) put them on the pre in USB drive mode.
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    If they are non-DRM movies I don't know if you can synch them but I know you can drag and drop them in itunes. I currently have season 1 of The Office and It's Always Sunny on my Pre and put it on there through itunes. My advice is do what I do, buy the dvd then convert it so you have a copy at home and a copy on the go.
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    You can sync non DRM movies and also video podcasts.


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