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    So I started wondering how the cellphone biz would change in a few year's. After doing a little bit of research into it, I came to the conclusion that staying on Sprint over the course of 2-3 years should pay off BIG TIME.

    First let's start with what we know...

    1. Sprint is rolling out their 4g already with an estimated 100 million people getting it by the end of 09. It is already in Portland and scheduled for Baltimore, Chicago, and Philidelphia.

    2. Verizon isn't going to start rolling out their 4g until the end of 09.

    3. AT&T isn't even going to start to roll their's out till 2011.

    4. Palm has shown to be able to create a new device that is at least on par with any of the iphone's.

    5. Palm obtained most of the previous employee's that developed the original iphone. Meaning that they all should have pretty fresh idea's and they would know better then anyone what apple's next move would be. As well as knowing what kind of thing's would be neccessary for a ground-breaking phone.

    With that stuff said. I can very easily see great thing's coming from Sprint with the help of Palm. Sprint already has advantage's of having the best data plan's and lowest price's with 3g coverage 3x bigger then AT&T. Assuming nothing goes wrong with the 4g rollout they should easily be able to provide 4g coverage to about 150-200million people by the time AT&T finally start's rolling their's out in 2011. This would give Sprint AND Palm a huge headstart. If Palm is able to use 4g capabilities to it's fullest and have a new phone available by the end of 2010 or early 2011 with defining 4g technologies such as -mobile TV, HD content, DVB, MMS etc... with dual 3/4g capability. It is very likely that they could revert the iphone to a toy phone in comparison for at least 2-3 years until AT&T get's their network set-up.

    This is just my 2 cent's and it seem's very likely IMO. That is IF Palm can stay afloat.
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    I do agree fully with your statement, I moved from US Cellular to Verizon and now to Sprint. It is the cheapest that i have seen as well. It also has one of the smallest deposits for students or people that are not paying with their parents money like myself. The deposit for me to transfer service from Verizon was only 50 dollars, but if i wanted to leave my parents Phones and get my own plan and everything on verizon i would have had to pay 425 b/c frankly i had no credit at the time. Now 2 years later i have established good credit and am still on Sprint.

    Also with the wait list that i have seen with the pre on multiple occasions i am sure that palm and sprint can keep this process going. With more updates and more apps i do believe that palm will see what they have done and decide to stick with it and soon be the phone that everyone compares to. (like the Iphone on PhoneScoop).

    Very good research and post though Slay i do agree, and i will most definitely stay on Sprint for a while especially once i actually get my hands on the Pre. :-/
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