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    Palm Pre’s touchscreen - Scratching like a DJ

    Either use the screen protector that comes with the Pre or get one. But standard advice be very careful with your screen

    Anyone care to comment on how they protect their Pre?

    I will be getting one when it is available for Australian networks so have spent the last 6 months reading everything there is to know so I'd be interested.
    I plan to buy this

    I did have one of these for my Blackjack but it ended up scratching the screen because the inside part of the lever at the top faced the screen and when you unclipped the phone it would rub up against the screen !
    However that design flaw "seems" to have been removed so I might get both

    The other thing that went wrong was that the spring on the upper lever eventually gave way. My Palm is some much more precious than my Blackjack so I might just steer clear this tiome. However I did like the lack of bulk this holster provided

    This has turned into a bit of a hardware thread but has anyone seen the extended batteries? Innocell 1350mAh Extended Life Battery

    Doesn't this sort of thing answer some of the battery life issues?
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    I dont see why you shouldnt just get the ZAGG Invisishield. I have only heard amazing things on it. I actually ordered mine 2 days ago. Given i do not have the Pre yet i got put on the waitlist at my local sprint store. But when it does i will be sure to put the Invisishield on it. Check out their website.
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