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    I searched and did not see any information on this yet but it appears there is a limit of 50 ringers in the ringertones directory. You can continue placing files in the folder, but only the "first" 50 appear in the selection screen. I say "first" because I cannot determine what order the pre is sorting these in. It appears to be close to timestamp order but not quite.

    At least this is the behavior I am experiencing on my unit.
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    I currently have 59 ringtones in my ringtone folder. I ran into the same problem of not being able to see all of my ringtones that I added. I copied all of my ringtones out of the folder. Then copied all of them back in at the same time. I was able to view all of my ringtones after that. Also got rid of my factor ringtones as well.

    Hope that help.
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    I routinely weed out the garbage ringtones that I can't stand. But I've never had a need for more than 50 ringers!
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    Can you get the app that randomly generates ringtones for peoplle that call your phone? I had that one on My Touch Pro and i was just curious. Because then you would never need more than 50 ringers b/c it would be different everytim someone called
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