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    I havent spent too much time looking for it, but does anyone know if there is a favorites dial or speed dial?
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    Not as of yet..... Hopefully soon... Sometimes opening the keyboard when dialing is kind of difficult.
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    Not a stupid question. I had to look it up. I did a search in help on the Pre and it tells you the steps to set the speed dial number and how to make a call using speed dial.
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    There is not "favorites" menu, but you are able to add any phone number to your launcher for easy access. You can also set up speed dial by going to the contacts>select your contact>Contacts (upper left corner)>Set Speed Dial.
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    you can drag contacts into the launcher or something like that. you can also assign a key on the keypad to a contact. if you hold the key then it calls that person.

    i have just created a contact on the launcher for my speed dials. works easy. also dont mind typing the name but not good when driving.
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    Awesome. Thanks for the help guys. Hope theres a better app. for this soon, but old fashioned speed dialer is better than none.

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