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    Should have bought back in Jan
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    Yes. And I should have bought it in Jan.
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    Bought a small amount of stock in Jan and sold on Friday. Didn't have a lot to invest to begin with, but the amount I made essentially buys me a Pre, all the accessories, and a year's worth of service. Stock essentially doubled for me.

    If I were patient and/or invested more, I'd ride it out, but I did this specifically to buy this phone and it worked out nicely.
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    i have owned stock for several years, always hoping that i would at least break even, although i invested a small amount. i did buy more at $2.11, again only a small amt, but it will cover the purchase+accessories+software+service. thank you palm!
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    yes, i bought when it was under $2 in dec. i shoulda bought more!
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    I did. Not a lot though, I'm a small time investor. Bought in Early February. I think I'll hold onto it for quite some time.
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    Not sure when I bought, but it was very few shares like (10), but it was around the $2 mark.
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    I wasnt in the position to buy any (preparing for a wedding) but I wish I wouldve bought some back in Jan! I dont own any stock currently (outside of my 401k).
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    I bought in December for $2.95 It's enough to erase being raped by the dentist earlier in the year plus leave me a little extra. I feel like Even Steven from that Seinfeld episode. Throw a twenty out the window and I'll get it back somehow.
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    In at $7.42 with 300 shares. Not much, but I'm currently sitting at almost a 90% gain. Not sure when to sell. Might sell right before launch and wait to see if it pulls back. It will be a few quarters before the Pre effects the bottom line and pushes the stock up more.
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    I bought in the $6+ range back in March. It was a wise investment. Between buying Palm and Citibank I have managed to come up with a good portion of the downpayment on the house my wife and I are closing on the end of June.


    and I am a small time inexeperienced investor who found a product I believed in (the Pre) and just knew the stock was going to rise.
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    I have some but will probably sell at least before the WWDC.
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    Making some good money on Palm and bought after Jan.

    Plan to be long. Bought more today. ATT, Verizon, Bell Mobililty, and O2 seal the deal.

    I've read all the negative things about Palm and how far it has to go. WebOs I think is a game changer. The question is if Palm will stay ahead. I think (and so does Verizon and ATT) the Pre is in the lead in terms of being the best smartphone available (even before one Palm Pre is sold) and I think Palm will stay ahead. The management of the company has been changed dramatically. Jon is right. It's not only a new phone with a new OS; it's a new company. Jon is also right I think about people moving from feature phones to smartphones. Apple and RIM are competition but there's a whole new world out there. There is risk-------and there is risk with the potential of great reward.

    Wasn't Apple near death?

    Will WebOs and Pre phones outnumber Iphones? I don't know, but I don't think Palm and WebOs are going away. I think they will be at the top of the bunch and shareholders will be raking in some dough. I wouldn't bet the farm but I think Palm is worth a hard look. The tricky thing is this thing called a recession. Risk---reward.
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    I bought a little more in Jan when it was really cheap. I am happy so far at the steady rise. I will report back on June 7th .
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    I hope to cash in before the post-release day slump (about 1-3 weeks later).
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    I bought a significant amount of stock on 12/5, and it has paid off quite well!
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    I'm staying in until at least December. By holding on to it for over a year you pay the capital gains tax rate on your profit (currently 15%) instead of your income tax rate. That's not a trivial distinction in my case, and I don't expect Palm to crash and burn in that time. If anything I may hold on to it longer.

    Remember kids, when you sell your stock sock away part of your winnings for the tax man. If you made a lot of money and spend it all you're going to have a very unpleasant April.
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    I got in @$8.20!!!! long baby

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