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    I am in the market for a Treo Pro. If I can get one on ebay for roughly the same price (approx. $200) on ebay w/no contract extension as opposed to extending my contract at Sprint/Best Buy, I would prefer to go the ebay route, PROVIDED I can get warranty support from Palm. Generally, electronics goods don't get any warranty support when purchased on ebay, unless the seller includes the original receipt of course.

    Does this work the same with Sprint Phones? I am not going to get the equipment insurance plan, I just would like the standard 1-year warranty through Palm.....any comments would be appreciated.

    Thanks so much!
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    IMHO: Buying from eBay is like buying from the flea market, you get what you get. Just be careful of the TGTBT (too good to be true) deals, when something retails for $500 and you buy it for $200, then its probably TGTBT.
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    In late October 2008 I purchased a Treo 800w on eBay. I paid $230 when I couldn't get for less than $300 plus extending my contract. I immediately had problems with the phone and Sprint would not do anything until after 30 days. Palm did offer warranty service but you must speak to a number of reps and then you send your phone in at your expense. Also they said they would attempt to repair the phone first before exchanging it. In all the Palm service would take a week, not including shipping times. So Maybe two weeks without a phone.

    There is definately a risk involved in purchasing on eBay. Just make sure the seller has positive feedback especially for the particular phone your interested in. I have the full Sprint equipment protection plan and I don't think I would have considered an eBay purchase without it.

    I ended up waiting the 30 days and Sprint sent me a replacement in the mail. Another thing, I never told Sprint or Palm the I got the phone on eBay. There is a negative association with cell phones being purchased on eBay. No one ever said anything specific but I just got that feeling.

    So if you make sure your seller is reputable and you are willing to wait at least 30 days if you have any issues requiring Sprint assistance, at least you'll know more than I did going in.

    Good luck.
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    Some of the Sprint EBay Treo Pro's come with the 1.03 ROM, so you will probably want to upgrade it to the current 1.04 ROM
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    without going into the fine print sprint will now do the warranty work or exchange handsets without paying extra for their monthly warranty during the warranty period of the handset.

    This works 100% of the time with Sprint, Best Buy, Radio Shack etc purchased Spornit phones, and sometimes easily works on eBay phones, but not always.

    The way to totally protect yourself with an ebay purchase is to get the extra charge Sprint warranty on the day you activate it. And keep that warranty for one month during your shakedown of the device. If there is any problem it is most likely going to show up in days or weeks and that way you are covered for about $4 one time expense. Beyond that it is not worht it as since you are checking ebay, you can see that replacement costs are actually very low in the unlikely event you see a failure in 9 months. Nine months from now Treo Pro will probably be $100 or less on ebay.

    Quote Originally Posted by evilduckster View Post
    IMHO: Buying from eBay is like buying from the flea market, you get what you get. Just be careful of the TGTBT (too good to be true) deals, when something retails for $500 and you buy it for $200, then its probably TGTBT.
    Nothing really retails for $500. The max price on ebay for any sprint handset is lowest discounted price plus $150 and you usually only see those prices when a handset is brand new to market.

    These are consumer electronics and they fall rapidly in cost and price but the carreirs never mark down the "retail" price of the handset. That is why you saw the 800w with a "retail price" on Sprint of $600 in January, a discounted price of $100 and a max ebay price of $200 for a new one and $100 for a used one.

    People buying the new in box 800w on ebay got the same thing as buying the $600 from Sprint, and people buying the $100 got the same thing as the refurbs you would get with an insurance claim (after paying a $100 deductible!)
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