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    Just wanted to inquire...
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    Nope. I won't be able to afford any stock once I pay full retail price for my Pre.
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    Nah, I missed my chance back in December and I don't have the funds right now to put into something risky.
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    I bought a whopping $50 worth back on December 19 when the stock cost $2.12. I've made ~$125 on that investment to date. If only I had been able to invest more!
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    All I need is $500 to open up a Scott trade account, and absolutely.
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    I bought a bit when it was down in the $1 range and I have already made 10 x due to it's growth already. I have high expectations after June 6th.
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    I bought 400 shares at 6 bucks and sold it at 10 bucks. I'm thinking of buying more.
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    A lot of the percentage growth I think is done for the near - future. The stock is already valued at the Pre selling well - and if inventory is low then expect to see the stock price decline due to less revenues and earnings.
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    I have a few shares and it has been good to me - Go Palm! Oh and I have a few shares of Sprint - Go Sprint!
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