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    I am just now starting to get used to the plastic bubble type of keys on my Treo Pro, but I still am not a big fan. I miss my old 755p's chicklet keys, and I am not sure if they changed the way they make the keys due to COST. I am sure they bubble keys are cheaper to make. But for sure it will be the waterloo of the Pre and their future keyboard equipped devices.

    I hope that when Palm finally recovers financially, they go back to the Chicklet keys... I am sure they will get better reviews if they do this.

    WHo's with me?
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    I agree as well... one of the reasons I gave-up my Centro. But when you say "when Palm finally recovers financially", surely you don't mean Palm would subsidize the design and manufacture of the chicklet keyboard?
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    I've gotten used to the keys on the Pro, and think there's hope for the gummy keys, but wouldn't complain with the chicklets back in the mix.

    With the gummies, if they get the recipe just right: size, rebound, firmness, spacing, etc. They could be better than the chicklets. It'll be interesting to see how the Pre's keys compare. I got to press a few keys on a Pre back at CES, and recall them to be firmer, but I was so starstruck then that they could've been made of tofu, and I'd still have eaten it up. (pun!)

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    I'm older than 12, and the Centro keys are simply frustrating. The fact they slow your typing down by gluing themselves to your fingers makes it even worse.

    I can somewhat understand the reason to shrink them to fit Palm's wet dream of a phone too small to read the screen, but the whole gummy thing is crazy.
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    I guess I'm the outlier. For me, the pinnacle of Palm keyboards was the Treo 600, with its hard, domed keys, perfectly spaced and perfectly sized. I've never had a problem with the Treo Pro's or Centro's keyboards, and I my hands are normally sized for a male of 5'10".

    But I type with the tips of my thumbs rather than the flats, which is the opposite of what I see everyone else doing.
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    I loved the Treo KBs and I was really hoping this one would be even somewhat similar.
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    this is why i refused to upgrade to the pro and im still holding on to my buggy, yet chicklet keyed, 800w until they make a solid keyboard again.

    i think the best keyboard was the 270, but obviously thats too old and too large by modern day standards so i believe that the 800w has the best keyboard, the 600 had too much resistance and becasue they where domed they tended to crack off, i went through 3 keyboards on one 600 in a year, just bad luck i guess.
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    I like the Centro's gummy keys best. The Pre's are similar but not quite as gummy. As a woman I don't have very long fingernails but I do tend to use my fingernails when typing. The gummy keys are nicer because my nails don't slide off the keys when I'm typing.
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    I've grown to really like the kb on the Pre, but the Treos were simply outstanding.
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    Wasn't the keyboard of 600, 650, 755 based on some competitor's product and was sued on copyrights for it? I remember reading something about that somewhere on the boards.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ronbo2000 View Post
    Wasn't the keyboard of 600, 650, 755 based on some competitor's product and was sued on copyrights for it? I remember reading something about that somewhere on the boards.

    i dont think ' based on a competitors' product is exactly accurate.

    If I remember correctly RIM has a patent on some aspect of the keyboard that palm paid to license. I thought it was for an upward curve in the keyboard but I'm really not sure what the exact bit is that is covered with the RIM patent.
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    Actually, I think the RIM patent is as generic as a physical keyboard on a wireless device, so probably even the Pre is licensed. It's questionable whether that patent would hold up in court, but it may be cheaper for Palm to pay it than to litigate.
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    I think RIM has tried to patent every aspect of mobile keyboard and wireless email delivery. I'm not sure at all what has stuck. Could very well be that palm and everyone just pays them to shut up.
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    I like the gummy keys better. I make less mistakes and feedback is much better over the chicklet kets.
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    For me personally, I like the keys on the Treo's vs the gummies.The raised keys are more distinguished because it comes to a rounded cone top. Originally when I first had the 700w, it did hurt a little bit as I think I was probably pressing the keys overly hard, but got use to it after a while and found the right touch. The gummy keys have this squishy feeling before the click which makes it awkward feeling. If Palm can make the keys slightly more firm than the squishy gel, I think it would work better. When I had the Pre, I had to press the keys even harder than I do on my treo. AND the keys are so flat for me that I inadvertently click the wrong key sometimes.
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    I typed faster on my Treo 650, and miss that keyboard. I would love for a future device to have a similar keyboard.

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