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    Bought a used treo 650 and when I go to youtube, it gets this...
    Youtube : Brouser Error "This link type is not supported 0x1511"
    I'm assuming it just needs some kind of video viewer download?
    Reconmendations? (preferably something freeware) Thanks

    Also is there a Program to use your phone as a modem for free
    in other words, by passing any charges by Sprint? Heck I already
    pay them for unlimited Internet. (also baught a used Treo 755p)

    Is there a complete English-Hebrew Bible Translation & Lexicon available for download?

    Has anyone tried "sixinone dictionary"? Does it actually translate?

    Thank you very much
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    1: Unfortunately, the Treo 650's browser is very primitive and doesn't understand video links like Youtube. You can try Kinoma which will show Youtube videos but it might be difficult to get the browser to launch Youtube links in Kinoma.

    2: PdaNet will allow for tethering via either Bluetooth or USB but keep in mind that Sprint may force you to buy a tethering plan in order for it to work.

    3: Try Olivetree BibleReader.

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