View Poll Results: Will the Treo have a Color screen?

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  • YES, off course it wil be, color is the future

    25 49.02%
  • No, it will make it bulky and will kill the batterylife

    18 35.29%
  • Don't know...

    8 15.69%
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    What do you think, will the Treo have a Color screen?

    If so I think it will be a killer machine.
    On the other hand I am worried about battery life and size...
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    I hope they have color screens, but I somewhat doubt it.
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    If they've been reading the VC boards and general palmos boards(or rather doing what we suggest!) then it will have colour. How many times have you read people saying they wanted a colour edge? Up until now, we have had to choose between colour and wireless/pda-phone combos. Perhaps now the time has come that technology has caught up and the 2 are possible together. These devices aren't exactly small, they look about the same size as the the visors. Take into account the progress of technology and the fact that there is no springboard stuff in there, and you might think that there would be room for a colour screen and probably a bigger battery. Could be heavy though...
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    A good question. The Kyocera doesn't, the new Samsung (I think that's who produces it - it's reviewed today in Mossberg's collumn in the WSJ) does have color. I wonder where Handspring will position itself between those two.
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    im pretty sure handspring has been reading our disscusion forum. because if they didnt why would they ask visorcentral to remove those pictures?
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    I think if they are smart they will sell them with both color and grey scale screens. This will let the high level executives buy the color ones and people like me with no money to spend a grey scale one. I have a VDX and color would be cool but I don't need it. My ideal way would be so you custom build your device like you can do with computers now form places like Dell or Gateway.

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    Color would put me on the waiting list to buy. I've held off the VisorPhone because I've been waiting for a better form factor (my omnisky's a bit clunky, would be more so as a phone), but my Prism has me hooked on color. A color Treo would probably be enough to make me put aside desire for more memory and other springboard wishes..

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