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    The infosync article says the new models have:
    ...a jog rocker, or a jog wheel if we were to call it by a more common name
    I'd guess that, unlike a true "wheel", it's a multi-position momentary switch. Here's how I guess it will work: It will have click, up, and down positions (maybe a slow and full sub-positions for the up/down). You can't push it past the positions (no spinning) and it will always spring back to the default position. Hold it in one of the rock positions and get auto-scroll.

    This would account for the name "rocker" instead of "wheel" or "dial".

    Anyone have auto-down car windows? I expect rocking in one direction would feel a little like that. Rock a little to a stop to scroll slowly, rock farther to the final stop to scroll fast. You can't rock past the second stop.
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    Are you sure they didn't mean John Rocker?
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    As a New York Mets fan: Ugh, blech, hyuug [insert more cartoon vomoit noises].

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