I couldn't post this yesterday afternoon because of problems accessing the boards! Really!

It was in early April that the Visor Phone was $299 with service activation. Now you get it for free. I doubt it would have been worth $2/day to me to have it and use it for the last 5 months, and that's not even including the cost of the call time.

But the real question is: Would I change now from my current cell phone provider and phone to the Visor Phone? The answer is: Maybe if I didn't much care for the plan and phone I have now. But I do...

Looking at the sinking price pattern, I'd bet it will be less than 3 weeks before we hear what H/S has up their sleeve... or maybe on on the 2nd anniversary of the launch of the original Visor--Sept. 14th? Oh, that IS less than three weeks from now!!!

Conversely, looking at how steady the Prism price has held, I won't be
surprised if we don't see a hi-res 16M color wireless unit. But what WILL it be??????????