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    Originally posted by VTL
    ... I've grown to really like the thumb keyboard. ... If Handspring can marry the Palm OS with RIM-like email capabilities and the keyboard, I'd be very interested.
    Based on your experience with the Blackberry 957, how do you think the thumb typing would go over for someone who has significant arthritis in the hands/fingers?
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    I guess that is one of the reasons why Handspring is planning to offer both a keyboard and stylus style devices.
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    Originally posted by maddog
    it would be safe to say many Deluxe, Platinum, Edge, and Palm users might make the switch (price depending) to a combination unit.
    I don't think that many would make the switch in the near future anyway, maybe in a year or so. I definitely wouldn't want one of those devices. I have a Prism w/a Visorphone, which I like. But, I also have waaayyy more invested in springboards than in the actual PDA/phone itself. It would realy difficult to throw over $1000 (in modules) to the wind just so I could have this interation of the latest and greatest. A LOT of people took them up on the free and $49 phone modules as of late, and that would prohibit them from buying a new phone/pda combo (and a new service contract).

    I fully expect HS to continue with their line of Springboard capable PDA's (dammit, they better) so as NOT to burn all the people who bought into their "infinitely expandable" hype, which I still believe. I think they owe it to the companies who stepped up and created these cutting edge technologies to continue to define all that a springboard/PDA can do. Heck, even Sony and Palm are now creating PDAs that (someday) will be able to use plug in modules. I don't think HS would create the arena, and then walk from it. [/soapbox]
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    What's wrong with peopel buying the Visorphone for free with a service contract? With GSM they can take the card out of the Visorphone and put it into the next treo. That way they have two phones, and one of them is free. With the treo your going to need to buy a service plan anyways, so you mind as well do it with the Visorphone so you can get started earlier.
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    Ben, True, but think of the cost of the Trio if you do NOT have a new activation. Remember the Visorphone without activation, when it first came out. It was like $499, if I remember correctly. Couple a cutting edge PDA with that price. How much do think that would cost? I certainly wouldn't buy a Trio for $800 or so, just so I wouldn't have to plug my VP in anymore.
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    (message edited below)

    This is only in regards to the Visor Deluxe. I'm not too sure about the other models.

    I'm thinking about buying a Deluxe and was doing some "window-shopping" at Best Buy today and a store associate (questionable source?) told me that new Handspring products would be arriving in a couple of months and he expected the Visors to be discontinued.

    I'm not sure he knew this for fact, but he pointed out the new low prices (for example, $169.70 for Visor Deluxe). He explained that, when Best Buy plans to discontinue a product, the last two digits of the price (the cents) are changed to .70. So there is a possibility???

    The twist to this (just thought of it as I was typing) is that I'm not sure all of the colors of Visor Deluxe were designated with the .70 pricing. In fact, I think on a previous visit to the same store, I noticed a price difference of a few cents ($169.99 vs. $169.70 for example) between the standard graphite colored model and the other colors. This would make sense if Handspring wants to cut production costs buy offering only one color (and allow more shelf space for the new treo models).

    There are a few possibilities here:

    1.) The guy is simply misinformed, 2.) All Visors are going out of production and the new low prices are the fastest way to get rid of them, 3.) Best Buy alone has opted not to sell Visors anymore, or 4.) Best Buy, and possibly others, will sell through all of the color models, and only sell a graphite version.

    I'll be back by that store in a few days and will leave a follow-up message after I ask a few more questions.

    ----------------- Updated INFO? ---------------
    Possibly some good news I found on another site:

    "The rumor mill is at it again with vaious rumors about new devices ready to roll off Handspring's production line. The most feasible rumor seems to be that Handspring is planning to announce two new devices on Monday. According to most reports the devices are desinged to replace the Visor Deluxe and the Visor Platinum."

    **** If this info is true, then the Prism and Edge will probably stay in production, and hence, the Springboard port will live on. The rationale probably being that the customers who spend the big bucks on these models will be more likely to spend $$ buying modules, plus there's already a base of other Visor users out there****

    Hmmmm . . . Possible . . .

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    what ever happened to Edd(the staples guy)? are we still going to be getting the Neo and Columbia? and these new wireless devices dont look like they belong to the midrange group, more of a whole different group. i thought the neo and columbia were going to be the midrange products now. so is handspring supposed announce the new products monday than?(shoot, ill be upnorth camping that day, and i have no access to the net) thats the one thing i hate about camping(besides bugs,heat,plants,work,and fire)then when i come back im going to be sufing palmgear checking on what new and updated stuff i missed and visorcentral to see if the new devices have come out.

    i hope the rest of their models will have the same benifits as the treo does like ir port on top, option for keyboard, and better colors. i personally like the keyboard and dont like it because my favorite game 'Rays' wont work without the silkscreen area because thats where u make the up strokes to shoot the enimies with 'rays'. not to mention how will we be able to use shortcuts? maybe when ever writing is needed the visor or treo will pop up an area on the screen for you to graffity.
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    Robert you wont be missing a thing. Monday is a holiday. I don't expect to see any official product announcements for another few weeks.
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    YOU BLOW MY MIND, i cant believe i forgot about labor day, even more so school starts the day after.
    "Few women admit their age. Few men act theirs."
    "The sum of the intelligence on the planet is constant, but the population is increasing"
    "I am not a vegetarian because i love animals; I am a vegetarian because I hate plants.-- A. Whitney Brown"
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    the quote I posted wasn't from this week, so I wouldn't expect anything on Monday or Tuesday.

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    What if the springboard is internal. The GSM portion of the Treo probably connects to the CPU through the normal springboard interface. So the Treo would be a visor with a permanent module glued in (of course HS would make it seem like it's all one unit)
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