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    Well i make the leap to a smartphone and there is a few i chosen like

    T-mobile Dash
    Palm 680
    HTC Wing

    Now i saw a few ad like on craiglist and ebay for these phone and some were in good condition and some were in " eh " condition nothing to pop campaign about and now i know what people are going to ask " what do you need for " well is simple

    i have a razr v3 for prepaid with t-mobile and is unlock and is okay and is got it pro and con

    no micro sd slot
    bigger screen
    so so text capability
    and it other hardware flaw and that why i making the leap

    and i do have some addition question since i have prepaid i want a phone that have wifi and since im prepaid if i turn on my wifi and connect will my minute be deducted and that also included internet radio ?
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