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    Hello all...I'm new here......I'm fairly new to the smartphone scene, have always used very solid phones only...I tried the Centro last September, and I liked it's features, but, I thought the build quality sucked. So, I gave up, and went back to my phone. Recently, I tried the Treo 755p, and it was OK, but, it seemed creaky, and I'm kind-of old-school when it comes to antennas. I'd rather have them external, compared to internal. Weird, I know...anyway, so I got the Treo 700p, which is what I've been using now, and am quite happy with it..though, build quality could be better. Today, I saw this Treo, don't know the model, but, I picked it up, and the thing was SOLID! This particular model didn't have a battery door in the back, it seemed as if the battery was done like an iPod, iPhone, or Samsung Upstage...anyway, it seemed pretty nice, and I played with my friends Treo 650, and that seemed to be built just a tad better than my 700p. As long as it has bluetooth, and similar features it would be perfect....

    Can anyone let me know what the most solid Sprint Treo is, what model?? I'd like to check it out....thanks!
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    Ah! I think that is the Treo 600.....
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    I think my 650 was built better than this Centro. My centro has held up so far, but my daughters have gone through a few Centros due to the 5-way control and the screen.
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    No battery door? Sounds like the Treo 600. It was definitely SOLID!
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    Yeah, the 600 does seem VERY solid...I think the 600, and 650 are good options...but, they don't offer EDVO like the 700p does....hmmm.....

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    My 650 could be dropped from 10 stories onto concrete...
    Na, just a bit of an exsadoraytion.

    'Build Quality' as to Strength; my 650 was a Tank.
    'Build Quality' as to Sleek & Stylish; my Treo Pro.
    Just call me Berd.
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    The Handspring Treos. Palm and I dont seemt to ge along. Centro been nothing but trouble and my 650 still works. (based on the 600 so I still consider it a Handspring design)
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    Yeah, the Centro seemed kind-of cheesy to me...the Treo's seem much more form, and function....

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    Treo 650.
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    650 for sure
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    i like my 650
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    I've had a 650, 700wx, 800w and Treo Pro. So far I think the Pro is the best, and 800w was the worst.

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