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    Mark your calendars: May 26-28. 7th All THings D Conference.

    Here's a rundown of speakers:

    Mitchell Baker | Chairman of Mozilla

    Steve Ballmer | CEO of Microsoft

    Carol Bartz | CEO of Yahoo

    Mark Cuban | Chairman of HDNet and Owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Landmark Theaters and Magnolia Pictures

    Eve Ensler, Playwright and Founder of V-Day

    Arianna Huffington | Editor-in-Chief of the Huffington Post

    Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo | CEO of Nokia

    Mike Lazaridis | Co-CEO of Research In Motion

    John Lilly | CEO of Mozilla

    John Malone | Chairman of Liberty Media Corporation

    Roger McNamee | Partner, Elevation Partners

    Jon Rubinstein | Executive Chairman, Palm

    Randall Stephenson | CEO of AT&T

    Biz Stone | Co-Founder of Twitter

    Katharine Weymouth | Publisher of the Washington Post

    Evan Williams | Co-Founder and CEO of Twitter

    Jeff Zucker | CEO of NBC Universal

    Do i smell "new product announcements? "

    I would just be THRILLED if Palm chooses to redeem their ill-fated 2007 appearance by announcing the FOLEO II running on Web OS. Come on Jon!!! Tell us it's coming!!
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    Let's just hope Roger doesn't shoot his mouth off again about the Pre crushing the iPhone... The less the hype, the more likely the Pre will exceed expectations.

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