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    Hey there everyone, I just picked up my first Palm Treo (it won me over between the bb and the iPhone) and I'm looking forward to getting to know it. Any pointers for the true beginner? I've been reading through your great FAQs and reviews... Thanks!
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    Welcome aboard. For starters tell us which Treo you got - Palm os or Windows Mobile?
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    Welcome. Did you have any specific questions?
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    Welcome! Which Treo did you get?

    I'd recommend reading the user manual first. Play with the phone and try different things, but I'd recommend that you keep in mind that you may have to/want to do a hard reset after you've learned how to use it. That returns it to factory settings and let's you start fresh.

    Also get a backup program and use it before you install any 3rd party apps. That way you can return to where it was last working right. Try one new program at a time and you'll save yourself a lot of problems. Trust me on that one -- I learned the hard way. Sometimes programs don't play together well. Trying to solve the problem when one has just installed multiple new apps -- oh boy! I could have spent those hours more productively.

    Search this forum for knowledge about everything Treo. This is a great resource. I hope you enjoy the Treo and this forum.

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