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    Just scanned over the recent article in Businessweek and something hit me, I think there may be a lot of parallels between the smartphone market today and the game console market a few years ago. There are a few more players in the smartphone market: Apple, RIM, Windows Mobile (several device makers, but it's really about the OS), Palm, Android, etc. as compared to XBOX, Playstation and Nintendo in the console wars.

    Like Palm, back in the day Nintendo was dominant, but gave up pretty much all its ground to the Playstation and XBOX, so to stay alive, it had to come up with something gamechanging. Moreover, also like Palm, it identified a whole, rather large, niche overlooked by the other big players. In Nintendo's case it was "casual" gamers, in Palm's it appears to be the drive for true convergence (maybe better put as the move away from the "computer" as the focal point of people's data management toward their mobile device), but with great execution Palm may be able to find a huge niche of true "casual" smatphone users.

    Now, the $100,000 question is, can Palm mimic Nintendo's success, or maybe even surpass it. While many hardcore gamers scoff, there's no doubt who is wining the console ware; although, you could argue that the Wii is fighting a whole different campaign than the Playstation and the XBOX. Regardless, it's hard to argue that the Wii is on top, with XBOX second (but not all that close to Wii) and Playstation grasping for its livelihood. Will the WebOS fundamentally change the smartphone landscape the way the Wii changed the video game landscape? Can it open up the smartphone market, possibly bringing in millions of "feature" phone users over to the smartphone and maybe even knock off some of the more marginal smartphone competitors? Personally, I think the potential is there, but as with most everything else, it all depends on the execution.

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    Interesting article. Palm really have to make something risky and groundbreaking that could boost them back up with today's big boys like Apple. If they execute it with precision, they could really have a shot at making it back again. Maybe in some other kind of niche or something related to smartphones.
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