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    this is off topic for the thread, but did anyone else hear sprint say "try out the next text messaging feature for 2.50 a month, unlimited" and jump on it?

    I did and never used it until 3 years later but now im glad I did because even with the instinks, i STILL to this day pay 2.50 unlimited text/ 2.50 unlimited data.
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    We had a car phone, which sucked. Then a box phone, which also was NOT cool. Then the Goat got a Motorola brick and was a bit happier. (Worked better with my hooves... That's a big deal.) Then it was off to Sprint with the PM-(something) cellphone with a nifty led screen on the outside of the phone. Then it was Blackberrry 8830, now my wonderful Curve. Which I can't wait to trash.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Syphon View Post
    Jeez! And then 2 years later, I was born.
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    Motorola StarTAC, circa 1996
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    Quote Originally Posted by RickMG View Post
    haha, it sucks bein old. I know. im 26
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    Motorola StarTac was my second phone. I think, but could be wrong, that my first was an Erickson, back about '96, on what is now Verizon. I think it was Bell Atlantic Mobil back then.
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    I had a startac and a samsung sch-8500 on Sprint back in 99. I had just turned 18.
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    this one from right when voicestream was becoming t mobile. well the company was still called voicestream but the phones were branded t mobile.
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    ^ Wow, I remember that phone. ^_^
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    my first cellphone was a lg c1500. I still have it ,unlocked, in my desk drawer for international travel. love the lil simple bugger
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    March 2001 Sprint LG TP 1100. It'll be 8 years this Saturday.:-D
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    Motorola StarTac with the orange display on Alltel in 1999
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    Gah, I have no idea what my first cellphone was. My first smartphone was the Treo 650, my first Palm device as well. Mostly stayed on the Clie side because it just looked sexy .
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    Samsung SCH-2000 on Sprint. Now this was a phone from 1999 and it had this thing called voice dialing.

    It blew my mind away. Even for a stammerer like me, it understood my gibberish.
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    That was my first cell phone picked it up in like '97. It was an Ericsson CF388, I kept breaking off the antenna.
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    First cell phone was an in-car jobby ~1990. My first hand held cell phone was the marvelous Nokia 100 in ~1991(?).
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    Motorola StarTac in 1999 on Airtouch. $20/mo for 75 minutes! Had that phone for two years, and loved it! From there, I've gone through:

    Samsung A460 on Sprint
    Motorola V60 on ATT
    Samsung S105 on Tmobile
    Palm Treo 650 on Tmobile
    Palm Treo 700p on Sprint
    Blackberry Curve 8330 on Sprint

    Now, I'm awaiting the palm pre!
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    My first cell was a Motorola flip, back in the day that was one LITTLE phone, but my favorite phone was the StarTak, I still miss that one for a phone, I have two of them in the drawer along with my Treo300.
    Now I have an HTC Touch which I love, but not as much as I did the StarTak
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    Mine was the birth of the candybar styled phone. The original Nokia 101. The first brick ever. 1994 was the year.
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    Verizon Motorola V60i

    I loved that freaking thing, it was simple, small, unbreakable (metal replaceable cases), and always did its job right with reception everywhere.
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