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    I'm looking for a Palm OS handheld for my brother. I've got a birding app he wants on my Treo 700p, but he doesn't need a smartphone. Looking at a Zire or Tungsten, unless there are other hi-res OS 5 devices with a color screen and SD card slot. Is there one model that performs better or one that has more features for its price? I don't think he'll use it for much else, definitely looking for something used. Thanks
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    If he can use Wi-fi, then the TX is the way to go.
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    TX and E2 are your choices.
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    I have a T|X and it's pretty cool. I also have a 2GB SD card in it. Holds all my music and everything. Got mine on eBay. $200.
    Treo Pro ROCKS! I am a lucky one to have one. XPS M1730s ROCK!! (I wish I had one!) My laptop ROCKS! (Even though it isn't an M1730)

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