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    Has anyone ever complained about you using it? A couple of my professors still can't comprehend after the 2nd month of classes that I am not effin' texting or IM'ing someone. "You better get an A." "This part is most important so make sure you note this." Most people I know text with their phones BELOW their desks so they won't be noticed, so why would I boldly have mine on top of my desk and just text? They don't get it or haven't seen how much phones can actually do. It's just like using a laptop. Even after explaining, they are still hesitant.
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    That is the downside of convergence. I have had the same experience at business meetings.
    On the other hand, unless one is very skillful with the Palm keyboard, it is probably not the most efficient means of notetaking.
    (Actually I was once threatened with termination for checking my Treo at a dept meeting. And this was while my brother lay in a coma in CCU!)
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    In my pre-enlightened state before I had a smart device:
    It was about 2001 and I was at a funeral sitting next to my older brother and while the minister was speaking, my brother reaches into his pocket and breaks out a Palm device. (Maybe Palm VIIx?) I gave him a sharp elbow, thinking that he was playing a game on the Palm and how disrespectful that would be to our beloved Aunt who was being laid to rest, and to our many close cousins mourning the loss of their mother. My brother, quite defensively, explained that he was simply reading the MyBible app on his Palm so as to follow along with the preacher's funeral message.
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    When I pull mine out to take notes, the assumption always seems to be that I'm checking email. (Of course, that could be because I check email so often.) So it becomes a "no win" situation. I've found that in meetings, I have to qualify it with "I want to make a note about that ...".
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    i'm in the same boat, especially when i was studying. my clinical instructors would almost always be on my case because they would assume that i was texting or something. now that i'm working, my co-workers and my dean thinks that i'm lazy since i only bring a pen and my treo to work. they don't know that all that i need is in my treo!
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    My next self-challenge is to leave the laptop on an extended business trip and use only the Treo. It's already got my books, music, and pim info. But doing a ppt presentation off it could be a challenge.

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