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    Treo 180g in 2002, swapped it for a keyboard version 180 as it was so much faster typing on a proper keyboard than having to use the stylus.
    Treo 180 270 600 650 Centro Pre Pr3 tPad tPad4G
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    I have never seen anyone with a Treo 180g. It has to be a rare handset to still have up and running.

    Iím a lucky man to count on both hands
    The ones I love..

    Visor Pro -> Visor Edge -> Treo 180 -> Treo 270 -> Treo 600 -> Treo 650 -> T|T2+SE T68i -> Treo 600 -> T-Mobile MDA -> Treo 755p -> Treo 800w -> Treo 755p -> PALM PRE -> Palm Pre 2 -> HP Palm Pre 3

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    My Smart Device History:
    2000 -Palm M100
    2003 - Zire72
    2005 - Treo 650
    2007 - Treo 755P

    and in 2009 the awesome

    Palm Pre
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andreas View Post
    Treo 180g in 2002, swapped it for a keyboard version 180 as it was so much faster typing on a proper keyboard than having to use the stylus.

    If you could post a couple of pics I would love to see the old war horse. Thanks
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    I actually bought a Newton late in it's life (1994) after the price had dropped based on the enthusiastic recommendation of a friend who used one. I never used it "for real", however. The text recognition was awful, and it insisted on making every "L" into the English Pound symbol (I'm sure there is a way to make that on my keyboard but I don't know how). I'd have been delighted to simply eliminate the English Pound from its vocabulary, but from what I could find out, that wasn't an option. It also had the wrong form factor, too big to carry in a pocket (or even on a belt pouch without looking like a dweeb), so I never used the thing at work. Funny, till I saw someone mention the Newton early in this thread, I hadn't even thought of it as a PDA or a brethren to my various Palm devices!

    First device I used was a Palm V, and it was totally awesome. It contained an amazing two whole megabytes of memory, which was far more than anyone truly needed and really was considered impressive. It had been announced when I got interested in Palms, and I waited to order it as my first PDA. Ordered it from on the first day it was available (according to Wikipedia, that was in February 1999). I was quite the wonder boy for awhile, it got lots of attention when I pulled it out. Instead of a keyboard, it had a special little area on the screen not used for display that you wrote each letter on with a stylus. For a handful of letters you had to write them differently than traditionally, notably the "x". But it did a respectable job of recognizing most of my handwriting. I took learning to input data with the stylus very seriously, and practiced. They had a little game called "Giraffe" that required you to write letters rapidly, and I practiced enough to be really fast at it!

    I loved the Palm V, and when it was in my bag when the bag was stolen, I immediately replaced it with a Palm Vx (same as the Palm V, but with eight whole meg of memory instead of two meg!).
    Mike B in OKlahoma

    Palm V-->Palm Vx-->Palm m505-->Garmin iQue3600-->Treo 650-->Treo 755p-->Palm Pre

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