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    Cassiopeia E-10 On WinCE. Just absolute junk.

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    Palm Treo 600, around the time man began walking upright.
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    My first device was a Visor Prism with the Sprint Visor phone attachment.
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    HTC Touch Pro On sprint...loved it but too much for me i believe. So now i am on the waiting list to get the Pre. Wonder how long it will take.
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    My first smartphone was a Centro around the end of 2007. I almost got the 800w when they were marked down to $99.99 but no stores around me seemed to have any. I was considering the Treo Pro or the HTC Touch Pro but decided to wait and go with the Pre. That turned out to be a great decision, I absolutely love the Pre.
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    Don't know if it counts, but I had a Casio watch that would store 50 phone #'s and other things I can't remember back in like 1985. Boy was I bitter when my stepmom threw it in the trash!

    On to my palm history....
    I had a Palm Pilot, years later a Palm Vx, then shortly after a Treo 600, followed by a free upgrade since mine was broken to a 650. Then a Centro and now the Best of them all a PRE!
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    ...the Palm i705.
    Great device, decent data plan to start with ($40/mo unlimited, if slow, data back in '02-ish), clear display, rather quick OS for the time.
    When Palm raised the bandwidth fees, I figured if I was going to get a PDA that had phone capability, I may as well get one that was a good phone as well. Of course, that ruled out the Tungsten T|W!
    I ended up getting an unlocked Treo 270 and didn't look back. Had to hack it to get GPRS capability (with info from the TreoCentral boards!) though.

    Blackjack, Tilt; Treo 90, 270-680; Palm Vx, i705, T|T3, iQue 3200; Nokia N800, E71
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    first smartphone was touch diamond, second will be the pre! i cant wait for tomorrow!
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    First was a green Handspring Visor
    Then a color-screen Handspring Prism
    Then a Sony Clie NX-70, with the enormous screen
    Finally a Nokia 810 internet tablet, also with an enormous screen, which I still use
    Waiting for a Palm Pre

    I wrote some software for the Visor/Clie which I hope will work with the PalmOS emulator on the Pre.

    Blasted Visor is part of the reason I do not have a Pre right this moment. Like the rest of you I had the Sprint springboard module. So I got an account with Sprint. Later the module broke, so I canceled my Sprint account.

    This is important: in corporation-speak, a canceled account is not the same as no account. I thought it was.

    So on June 6th, when I was #6 at a store that had only 8 units, the sales clerk asked me if I had a Sprint account. I said "No." He looked it up and said "OMG! There is an account already, you must be a victim of identity theft, you have to call Sprint's fraud department."

    Unfortunately the fraud department was closed on weekends. So I lost my Pre. I signed up on a waiting list at a Sprint non-corporate store, they say it should be here next week.
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    Good and sexy ol' V.
    Palm V → TX → Centro → HTC Legend → TouchPad/Pre 3(UK) → HTC One X → Nexus 4/iPad Mini → Pre 3/TouchPad Go
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    My first "smart" device was some Casio piece of junk I picked up at Radio Shack in 1996. My first PDA type device was the Palm Vx. My first Smartphone was the Motorola Q9c.
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    I would qualify my Palm Pre as my first smartphone. Before the Pre I had a Katana, and before that a Sanyo 8100, neither one would I call 'smart'
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    I guess my first smart device was my Sidekick 3. It was the only "smartphone" (if you use that word loosely) that was available on prepaid. After it broke, I moved to a Sidekick Slide. Then I switched over to Sprint after I got a part-time job and bought an HTC Touch this past October. Then I switched to a BlackBerry Curve 8330 in January. And now here I am in June with a Palm Pre.
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    700wx, winmo sucks soo much
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    I was at a garage sale and this guy had a 600 that said Sprint on it. He swore that it worked. i gave him 20.00 bucks for it. Been using it ever since.
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    First "smart" device was Palm Vx and first "smart - phone" was a Visor with a GSM VisorPhone module back in the 90es . PDAs were exciting back then
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    First was Palm V in 1999.

    Upgraded to Palm VIII for - hold onto your hats - the awesomeness of 8 megs of storage.

    If I remember correctly, this was around the time the Clie's starting kicking Palms **** with innovation (mainly color screens). Palm stepped up to the challenge with the Treos.
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    Tree 755p in Aug 2007
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    My first smart device was a Compaq Aero 1500 Palm-Size PC (Before they were called PocketPCs!) It was black and white, but very lightweight and a superb battery life.

    Actually, I may have had a Palm III before then...

    I did replace it soon after, however with a Casio Cassiopeia E-105. Then a long string of PocketPCs after that, until my first smart phone, the Motorola Q
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    Loving the Pre...
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    Audiovox PPC6600 - the pre's slide out keyboard and screen size are gonna make it feel just like it all over again, but with a much more advanced OS and modern shell!!
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