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    I have a TX, with it's desktop and data - calendar etc. Only the Palm Desktop from the TX is installed now, I want to know what the results of installing the Centro version over it will be.

    I also have a Centro, which his not been synced nor has the Centro ver of the desktop been installed -- yet.

    1.) Install the correct software version to sync to the Centro without issues and hours of troubleshooting later. I'd prefer to add any extra apps one at a time.

    2.) Have contacts, calendar and possiblly memo automatically synced between desktop, Centro and TX, preferablly by entereing them only once. One method is to have the two different devices sync to the same "user name". I don't know if that would cause isses.

    2a) If it's unwise to give the two different devices the same username, thus forcing Palm Desktop to treat them as the same device (not interested in a hack or unreliable configuration), what other program can keep the separate devices in sync? I believe there is such an app on the web, there must be one for one's PC as well.

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    You won't be able to sync both to the same user name since they are different devices with a lot of specific support files that would cause problems to the other device.

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