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    Going through a job change, just got laid off and need to get a smartphone for my job hunt - have a BB curve today, but family contracts on sprint and was a former Treo owner (last one was a 650) - price is a concern so was wondering if anyone can comment on the Centro vs. 755P - 755 is about $50 more, but keyboard seems smallish on Centro - any other pros or cons any owners can share ?
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    Centro. No IAorB's. When you have a Centro and grab a 755 or similiar, it truly feels like a brick in your hand. Centro can do everything the 755 can, and is faster.
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    sorry, but what are IA or B's ?
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    I hadn't seen it before either, but I'm sure its ifs ands or buts
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    No Ifs, Ands, or Buts. I thought that was an abbreviation, but I just made it up.
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    Try them out. Both have their pros and cons. The 755 has a significantly better keyboard, and a bigger and brighter screen. The Centro is nicer to carry around in your pocket, and is much more stable in my experience. I had both, and ended up keeping the centro and selling the 755. I missed the 755's keyboard and screen, but it just wasn't a reliable phone with the software I had installed.
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    Centro does everything better. if you wnt bigger keyboard screen(slightlyslower) get the 755. Its been discussed alot.
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    The Centro works great as a phone (form factor helps here). The keyboard is fine for text messages and emails. I wouldn't want to use it to write a book though. The screen is great and its probably the most stable PalmOS smartphone ever released.
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    755p Pros:

    -Higher capacity stock battery (1600mah vs. Centro's 1150mAh) with Seidio 2200mAh available as an option (vs. Seidio's 1350mAh Centro battery)
    -Larger, more comfortable stylus
    -Larger, more comfortable keyboard with brighter backlighting
    -Better hard buttons & d-pad, especially for gaming
    -Larger, brighter LCD
    -Side-mounted miniSD card slot is easier to access (and can use microSD cards w/ adapter)
    -Rubbberized non-slip paint
    -Better build quality and stronger vibration and louder earpiece volume (IMO, could vary from unit to unit)

    Centro Pros:
    -Less NVFS lag (so overall faster performance)
    -Slightly better Garnet & Bluetooth stability
    -Louder speakerphone/ring volume
    -Crisper, whiter LCD (the Centros I've seen have nice "white" whites. My 755p has a sort of yellowish tint to it)
    -More usable RAM out of the box even on the "old" 64mb model (68.8mb available to the user, vs. 62.8 on the 755p)
    -Google Maps location support
    -Better, more up to date software bundle (DTG 10, Ptunes Deluxe etc)
    -Overall newer OS + greater likelihood of continued ROM updates and will be a "current" device longer than the 755p (which has been EOL'd on Verizon and on
    -Slightly better phone performance (IMO)

    I'd say that the 755p is the better device for someone who will use their device for a lot of PDA or data functions and very little (if at all) as a phone, due to the larger screen/stylus/keyboard/battery. I basically use my Treo as a wireless PDA and only make 1 or 2 phone calls a week with it. So I greatly appreciate the extra battery life and bigger screen/keyboard/stylus.

    If you're primarily going to be using your device as a phone and not using it for extended periods of time, the Centro is cheaper, smaller, faster and more current and probably the way to go.

    The Centro, espeically in the refreshed 128mb form, is definitely the way to go from a value perspective.

    If you DO get a 755p, try to make sure you get a "B" hardware rev model, as they are more Centro-like than the older 755p's. If you go with a Centro, get the newer 128mb model as it has a more up to date ROM & bundle along with the soft-touch paint and the 128mb of RAM.
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    The Centro would be my choice, but I have never used a 755p so....
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    Go for the Centro, by all means! There is always the option of the extended battery for it if you find the standard battery isn't enough. I use mine mostly as a PDA, SMS, quick access online device. Just don't have that many calls - but when in phone mode it is crisp, clear and connects well!

    I moved to the Centro from a 680 and was at first apprehensive of the smaller screen, but it is more vivid than the previous Treos so I don't mind the smaller size. Now comparing the Centro screen size to the T3 makes a difference for spreadsheets - but it is still quite usable for updating docs on the fly!

    Centro all the way!

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    Both are fine. The Centro is smaller, lighter, but feels cheaper and flimsier. The 755p has a bigger screen and a much nicer keyboard. I find it much, much easier to type on and to read the screen.

    While the 755p is certainly much bigger, I don't find it an issue. It's fits in the front pocket of my jeans and work pants without any problem.
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    I have used both, and preferred the 755p due to it's size. The Centro keyboard was too small for me to use one hand to dial the phone. There are some nice tweaks to the Palm OS on the Centro, but not enough to make it a keeper. If you get it new from Sprint, you have a 30 day exchange so if one doesn't work for you, then you can take it back for the other.

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