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    Has anyone come up with some a table comparing the Pro and Pre's pros and cons?

    I am thoroughly confused. Why the PRO, then the PRE. Is the PRE a better PRO? Or do they actually serve a different purpose, and if so what is it?

    I was hopping for joy when the Pro first came out. It was love at first sight (except perhaps for the WinMo OS). I am a Treo 650 still, waiting for the perfect upgrade. I thought the PRO was the answer to my long awaited prayers, until the PRE came out. She is also a beauty, sounds even better because of its palm based OS and touch style iphone like. All i need is excel to work, with a third party emulator. When you think about it, most of us only need a few programs to make a life easier. The notion of WinMo producing all kinds of programs out there is mostly a mirage for most of us. I mean, most of us will never use most of those programs. So, assuming enough developers sign up behind the PRE, doesn't this device seem like the better of the two?
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    Is your 650 still serving you well?

    If so,
    You might prefer waiting for the Pre.

    I love my Pro, but I also like WM.

    Another thing to keep in mind is when will the Pre actually be released, let alone Gsm.

    And then will everything work right off the bat?
    Nowadays, these guys release things and let the people wanting to be on the cutting edge be their beta testers.

    The Centro I hear is a Solid device because years of getting the bugs worked out.
    The Treo Pro is a Stable device, and there's only a couple misc bugs.

    Hope my opinion helps a little.
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    But in all fairness, I should say, the Pre looks amazing, and Palm may just get this one right-on at release.
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    Pre verus Pro all hinges on if webOS performs like Palm has promised. WinMob is fantastic on a Treo's screen size, but even with the wicked-sweet new form factor we are not seing anything truely new under the hood. The Pre will be my choice as long as sprint doesn't hinge a SE plan on its purchase, or pulls a "Blackberry Storm" with its release. If its a lame duck, which i pray won't be, then I'll upgrade my 800W to the PRO
    Powah to the Headset Jockeys!
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    The Pro is much closer to the 650 than the Pre. The Pre's OS may be from Palm but it shares nothing with PalmOS. Windows Mobile can actually run PalmOS apps via StyleTap and many PalmOS apps have WM equivalents.

    Or you could do what I did and upgrade from a 650 to a Centro.

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