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    Both images looked awesome! Just wished that it came true. Complete with Wifi capabilities, a surround sound speaker, 8MP camera and full touchscreen capabilites weighing only under 150g.
    Using a Centro with free ActiveSync at
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    Quote Originally Posted by NickDG View Post
    I made this one

    Flush screen, gesture area, full keyboard. Losing the d-pad and hard buttons opens up room for 160 more pixels, giving it a resolution of 320x480.

    Seems like the gesture space is the new d-pad for OS control.
    Well done!
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    I hope they use the name centro rather than pixi for their next low end (in terms of specs but not awesomeness). The name pixi sucks imo, It doesn't do justice to the phone itself.
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    Just get the Pixi.... Centro is so 2004
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