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    Hello All,

    I am hoping that you can help with some basic Treo questions...

    I am looking at buying a used Treo 700wx on Ebay, over the 750 because of the reviews. I know very little about the treo as I have never owned one. My goal is to have a 'multipurpose' phone, more specifically I would like to use my existing carrier (TMobile), access the internet - using a wifi card (without subscribing to the data plan) and use a navigation program.

    1. Is the 700wx the phone to get to use a wifi card (at hotspots) without paying for a plan?
    2. Can the 700wx be unlocked? If not what phone do you recommend?
    3. Can I add navigation software?

    Thank you in advance for your consideration,

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    T Mobile is a GSM network and uses a SIM card. The 700wx is a CDMA phone and does not use a SIM card. So the 700wx won't work on T MO.

    You will need the Treo 750 or the new Treo Pro 850 to use on T MO.

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