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I'm generally a pretty passionate guy... of alot of things... I've argued cases before which attempt to prove the worth and value of a Treo is greater than that of an iPhone... Kind of wearin me out though these days. I mean, the keyword is simple. The main take away is simple. The Treo does have that to a certain extent and it also has complexity (browsing, managing, full access to the file system). And I love that about the Treo. But its just that when I want it to be simple, fun, creative, and productive I find myself working to hard to make that a reality.

Sometimes I just sit and think... "If I just had tabbed browsing..."

I don't know... it's apples to oranges I guess. Where the POS Treo has failed is maintaining an increasingly innovative path. Palm was ruined, devastated, crippled with the hardware/software spinoffs and never bounced back. We'll see at CES if NOVA is the saving grace. I'm trying to be optimistic about it... but it's just SO DAMN HARD to do so.... anyone else feel the same way?
Absolutely. I hope that, by Thursday afternoon, I'm still smiling.