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    Is anyone else hearing that Palm will be using JavaFX on new platform?

    From Sun:

    JavaFX is an expressive rich client platform for creating and delivering rich Internet experiences across all screens of your life.

    The JavaFX 1.0 platform release includes the following components:

    * The JavaFX development environment including the JavaFX Script compiler and runtime tools, graphics, media, web services, and rich text libraries to create RIAs for the desktop, browser and mobile platforms.

    The JavaFX runtime for mobile devices will be released in Spring 2009.
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    I ran through some of the videos. AWESOME stuff, and it does sound like it's in the same vein as what Ed C mentioned regarding a cloud-centric device months ago. Here's hoping!
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    Yes, I also checked out some of those video's. I'm not sure about the timing of when it will be available as compared to Palm new OS release.

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