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    Just saw this over at PIC.

    Will it be just for new OS details or also with info regarding new phones?
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    Quote Originally Posted by miles4000 View Post
    Just saw this over at PIC.

    Will it be just for new OS details or also with info regarding new phones?
    iT better be both. it won't be good for them if they DID NOT present the new OS.
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    YES! I Hope this is not a c*ck tease session where the ppl who attend the event have to sign an NDA. I want juicy details and screen shots! It's getting pretty dark in the Palm OS world and I would love to hear TreoCentral report from the event via Twitter. That would make my day!
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    Speaking of Twitter. I getting the feeling that the new OS will have appls that tie into social networking stuff (Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, ect).

    They mentioned that on one of the quarterly calls. Is that going to be enough to get people interested?
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    They either should have Twitter, Facebook, My Space, etc apps ready to go. Or have a function similar to Chrome where you can make a Web program out of a site. Also, a widget engine that is easy to program for would be amazing.
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    Really, Charlie Brown. This time Lucy will not pull away the football.
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    yeah yeah yeah... It's silly season so go nuts!
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    Maybe someone can reverse the blurred picture in the background and come up with something
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    Deleted what was old information from September
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    Its funny I guess. Last time big thing was Foleo. Palm may think that their new OS is better than any in the market and their product line will be better than competition but its consumers who decide in the end. So my guess is if new Palm OS is bust then only lifeline Palm got is Android. May Palm kick Apple's ars and announce something that would make all doubters eat their trapholes.
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    It's a Foleo II which can actually play flash video!
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    Quite excited, hopeful. It's been a loooooonnnnggg time since we had anything to be excited and hopeful about with Palm.
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    I came across this article from Businessweek, which states:

    "Sources say Palm will finally unveil an oft-delayed new operating system, as well as the first in a new family of smartphones."

    Businessweek article:

    I did a google news search and plenty of tech sites on the web are reporting the CES invite as well. It makes for a great story as this seems to be such a make-or-break event for Palm. It's exciting to see the buzz building!

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    Already covered in this forum here

    Palm Press Event for CES 2009
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    Thanks for the heads up. That thread didn't list the businessweek article or the press response otherwise, and it looked like folks were asking as to whether there would be just an OS demo or more than that, so it seemed like a big enough update to warrant it's own thread. Sure, I suppose it does fit within that thread too. :-)
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