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    Im not in any industry. Im not anyone special. But there are a few publications I can send this to, and maybe it will turn at least a few heads. I admit its not 100% yet, but its close (I think). I just thought I would come here and get your opinions on this:

    An open letter to gamers, developers and publishers

    Mobile gaming has exploded into a tremendously lucrative market that developers everywhere, both amateur and professional, are striving to dominate. While cell phones are edging closer to matching the computing power of the platforms we leave at home, players are demanding more than modest casual games. Obviously, urbane titles are being released on the more sophisticated devices, and carriers are selling better games to the people who have superior phones and plans. And here is where we face our problem. Smartphones such as Palm, Blackberry and Windows Mobile, have been almost entirely ignored by the gaming community, and yet they are the best phones the carriers have to offer. There have been valiant efforts to breach this market, but with little success, and thus we face a Catch-22: Users of these devices are not interested in the games available to them because they are banal and uninspired, and developers do not see a decent opportunity because users are not buying the games available to them. Apple has proven with their new ipod that Smartphone users are also gamers. Recently Namco released the wildly popular cult-hit Katamari Damacy to cellphones, but ignored the smartphone and ipod completely. And if any mobile device is begging for a Katamari release, it’s the ipod. Gameloft, and every other developer interested in gaining some market-share in mobile gaming, are really missing a wonderful business opportunity. Why other popular Smartphones (Palm, Blackberry, etc) have been ignored is perplexing. Without developing games for the rest of the handheld market, users will find a way to pirate, hack and redistribute games to make them playable on their devices. This would in turn create lost revenue, and that would be unfortunate. Wouldn’t it?

    (in case youre wondering about why Katamari is begging for an ipod release, the series is about rolling a ball around, picking stuff up. last year, in japan, panasonic's p904i cellphone also has an accellerometer, and a version of the game came preinstalled:

    info here: )

    also, im aware of Astraware, but their games fall into the BORRRING category
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