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    I am thinking about upgrading by 700W to the 850W but have a big question. I currently have a Verizon plan the comes with their Wireless Sync that keeps my office Outlook features synced to the PDA. My previous carrier was Sprint and they didn't have wireless sync and this is MUCH better. The big difference is that I get hunreds of spam each week and if my PDA gets it email AFTER it has already been filtered in Outlook I see just what is relevant and not every piece of junk that would have to be left residing on the email server so I could be the PDA email from there.

    Does anyone know if Sprint or AT&T plans (which are the two carriers that I know of that sell the 850W) have something like the Verizon wireless sync feature?
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    Firstly, as of right now Sprint has the 800w, and the Treo Pro is only sold unlocked (not from AT&T).

    I think you'll find that any hosted Exchange plan will do what you want, and as far as spam filtering, most IMAP clients (even Gmail) do a great job of spam filtering these days. I have never had spam show up on my Treo.

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