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    This new Android phone looks pretty good:

    This could be my next move. I will give Palm a chance with Nova and hope for hardware like the Treo Pro, but I am sure I'll get a bit antsy in 6 months or so.

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    There is no way in heck the new palm phone will live up to expectations. Well, my expectation is it will not be a flop, but not a home run either. Maybe they will meet my expectation of a middle of the road device.
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    In Nova's stated time frame, "the first half of 2009," there will probably be plenty of Android devices to choose from. All I'm waiting for is Sprint to get the Touch HD, which is completely a blue sky expectation on my part -- totally unsupported. Then again, Sprint is almost always the first US carrier to get HTC devices, and I don't think a Sprint Touch HD is far-fetched.
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    I might start lookin at the "Edelweiss" Phone form ACCESS so i could still run my Palm apps. Or maybe Dmitry's DGOS?
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    Edelweiss is Russia only now. So the only option at this point looks to be Android. What a shame. ALP is even dying on the vine now too.
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