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    I have a POP3 account that I have had forever and I really don't want to give it up.

    My dilemma (sp?) is that I hate having to pull it on my 700P. I'm looking for a solution.

    Is there a free push solution? If so, can it push to my 700 and if I choose to send an email will my sent items sync with that website AND my outlook?

    I hope Ive been clear what Im looking for and if not feel free to ask.

    Im really looking forward to hearing everyones suggestions!!

    Thanks in advance.
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    If you want push email, you can open a free account on and forward or let fastmail pull all your email there. Use the IMAP Idle protocol, and install ChatterEmail on your T700p. I don't know if current Versamail version support Idle protocol (it support IMAP), but although Chatter is expensive & development work on new features ceases since Feb 2007 it is still head and shoulder above any mobile email client on any OS regarding IMAP support.

    The beauty of above set-up with Chatter & fastmail is you can continue to send your email from your current email provider smtp server, hence no one knows you forward received mail to another account. If however your current email provider only gives a webmail interface, you can still pose as if you are using current email provider with the identity feature (Reply to

    Beware that push email eats your battery since it keeps trying to keep data connection open. Many of the instability of Chatter on PalmOS can be traced from the phone trying to keep that data connection alive. There is an option on Chatter to use a "pseudo" push, where you get an sms alert from fastmail that new mail is arriving and Chatter will retrieve that mail. This will be gentler on your battery usage. Alas, the sms alert is not free on fastmail.

    My impression of fastmail server is quite reliable & downtime is very minimal. At least it used to be.

    As an aside, why don't you ask your current email provider if they support IMAP Idle protocol, therefore saving the slight hassle to forward email to another account.
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    Nice, Thanks, Ill give it a try.

    Will I be able to sync sent msgs from either the web interface or my 700 with my outlook in my pc?
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    You will have to use the BCC option on email sent from the Treo. You can either BCC yourself and then manually move those messages to the sent folder or if you are using outlook you can create a rule to do so automagically. However your original received messages will not have the replaied or forwarded icon to show something was done with them.

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