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    With all the new high tech phones out there offering more and more data rich content and consumers routing internet access intended for phones onto laptops, when will Sprint say enough?

    I mention Sprint because I think their being affected with this immense surge of data use more so than probably any of the other carriers. Can they afford to leave their data limits untouched?

    Do you think the 5GB data limit they've set will be adjusted in the near future?

    Just think of the amount of PDAs out now compared to the amount that will be bought in the upcoming years. More laptops as well will be using this same internet access intended for phones.
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    Sprint is their own worst enemy.8-10 yr's ago they used the tethering thing as a promotional gimic to lure new bus.,ok they accomplished that but now losing customers by the hundreds of thousands because their redic. billing errors,horrible cs and long standing lies,inconsistancies between reps..Moral of this is don't make promises you can't or don't intend to keep.Now what else do you want to know about poor ole Sprint???
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    Oh I forgot to mention if Sprint person tells you something get it in writing & look at each bill very closely...
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    For the last 2 yrs, I conducted all of my business with Sprint (CS, new purchanses and new plan) via email. It's works well and when they reply, they include all replies.
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    I think Sprint's CS has been second to none for at least six months now. I have never had to wait on the phone long at all for someone, and they do get the results I've wanted on the first call. I look at their plans compared to any other carrier and I can't understand how they aren't number one as the other carriers CS is either the same or worse and you get so much more for your money with Sprint.

    As for how long they can take it with 5gb limits? As long as they can support the traffic, and I think they will be able to do that for a long time unless everyone got smart and switched to Sprint at one time.
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    Sprint got smart with the 5 gb limit... why should the rest of us suffer because a handful of people want to slingbox all day long?

    I use the heck out of email and started using the web more. I don't come near to 5 gb per month.

    Far as sprint's customer service, I agree with the others... it has been great the last two years for me. Well, with the exception of them losing a returned phone in their warehouse and now charging me for it. lol But when I called to complain, the guy was very nice and told me it would take up to 7 days for them to trace the phone and it taken off my account.

    But when I called before that, I had an issue with one person who I had to speak with... ended up putting them on a "mobile to home" plan for free. It was great... I was prepared to pay.

    Sprint is okay... but they do need some better phones... [edit] comparing sprint with att and verizon, not sure if my comment even makes sense now... each seem to have the "standard" selection of phones, with one or two phones that I'd like to see on sprint... guess if I were on att or verizon, I'd have the same complaint.
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