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    I'm in the local (NM) emt courses and was having trouble remembering terms, SS, etiologies etc.... So i started making TO DO's of all the facts and figures, I'm up to 175 or so. Theyre set to recur every day so I have to start my day with 100+ things I need to know. Some days I hate my palm for being so persistent but it really helped seeing and reading it everyday, even on days when I refused to study.

    At any rate if you have a palm os and you want a copy make a to do catagory "EMT/fire" and i'll send em along. So far I keep a B average in one of the tougher emt training courses in the country.

    PM me
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    does this offer still stand?
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    Yup, they came in real handy in the months between graduation and my first day at work. Covering it every day kept it fresh. pm an email an I'll send a copy
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    sweeet! can you send me a copy to

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