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    I have a magicJack. I've been using call forwarding and when people call the magicjack number, my Treo rings just like they called my Treo number. I prefer not to have my Treo number linked to my magicJack number if possible, though.

    I'd like to try and just get the wav files sent by e-mail. Right now I just check e-mail online at yahoo, but I'd like to set up a push e-mail. I'd be alerted right away when a message was left, right? Can I conveniently listen to the wav file on the phone?

    I have an escalating safety issue, and am trying to be as safe as possible and would really like to keep my Treo number secret if possible.
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    For push email on a Palm os Treo, your best bet is Chatter email with an IMAP server that supports idle. Then you can conveniently listen to the wav from your phone.
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    Except that many phone systems that forward wav files do it in a codec that a standard treo cannot play. You may need special software like mvoicemail.
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    Is mVisualVoiceMail the updated version of mvoicemail? Has anyone used it?

    Having versamail automatically check the e-mail every few minutes will use too much battery and interfere with pdanet. I guess the best is to check e-mail frequently?

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