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    this might be a dumb question but when a web or add gives you a number like 1-800-cricket is there a way to make the letters on the treo keyboard to act like the numbers on a regular phone?
    there is like 3 to 4 letters per number on a regular keypad not like that on these.
    i hope you understand what i am talking about
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    I understand what your getting at, but I haven't seen anything that will allow your "C" button on your Treo's keyboard to act like a "2" (as it would if you dialed a "C" on a normal telephone). Perhaps there is a piece of software out there that someone has made to accomplish this, it might be worth a look thru the various PalmOS download sites.

    If you are simply trying to remember what a "C" or whatever letter turns into on a regular phone, the "Phone" app will show you a regular phone's keypad.
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    The on-screen dialpad has the letters with the numbers.
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    on screen dialpad.

    there used to be a hack program years ago that did this...but by the time you actually loaded it - you could have dialed it anyway.

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