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    there is probably no way I would ever move to a flip unless it was really innovative.

    I was watching some tech/geek show recently and there is a new touchscreen clamshell phone that the hinge is magnetic, so if you really need the keyboard input, you clip it on, if not you use the full length touchscreen as input. imagine a iphone or instinct with a magnetic clip on keyboard.

    graffiti? there is no way I would ever go back to graffitti. one handedness is the reason I have purchased every sprint treo that has been released since the 600.
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    What OS is the LG mentioned in the article using?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hdhntr23 View Post
    What OS is the LG mentioned in the article using?
    It's a dumb phone OS... nothing to see here :-/
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    Good lord. This is what we're reduced to, eh? Yearning for Treo 300s?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blacknell View Post
    Good lord. This is what we're reduced to, eh? Yearning for Treo 300s?
    I always had to keep mine pugged into the charger.
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    I think Michelle completely missed the mark on her article by referring to the original treos and yearning for a flip phone. I understand this is a "treo" site, but c'mon. None of the early Treos were true flip phones. The flip was merely a hinged cover that house the earphone speaker. The only two true flip palm phones were the i500 (the perfect blend of pda and phone that still sits on my desk) and the Kyo 7135 which had potential for a better 2nd version that never happened. I'm not including the T9 flips and bricks that never made it the US. She might as well have included the 6030 in there as a flip phone the way she referenced them. And didn't LG buy Samsung's palm tech? The Lotus seems like it'd be prime to take advantage of that leftover tech.

    As much as I love seeing tech like the iPhone, Storm and Google phone, I could really care less about having a brick like phone just to have a full screen. Give me the Samsung Alias with a touchscreen that maximizes the upper portion of the flip with the new linux OS from Palm, Access or even Google at this point since I'm sure programs will be plentiful if the OS takes off. Put in a 1.8 headphone jack, microSDHC slot and mini USB. I'd be a happy camper. If I need a bigger screen for better web surfing, I'll have a netbook that is almost always with me. In another year you'll see dual core Via chips in the likes of the HP Mini Note so you'll have nice small and relatively fast ultraportables that do all the basics well (as long as you're not 3d gaming, editing videos and such). The Alias is a little thinner and a little shorter than the Centro when closed.

    I think the BB Pearl Flip is horrible. It's built like a toy, and not nearly as nice as the actual Pearl. I think a Centro-ish flip with the above mentioned features would essentially be fine. The Centro itself could pretty much be half as thick by the time it would come to fruition. Put a hinge on it, and call it a day.

    I'm just tired of seeing ideal pda phone designs put into dumb phones with useless calendar apps and extremely limited phonebooks. I mean just one of my categories has 300 entries in it. I miss the term 'pda phone' because the term smartphone doesn't alway equal smart. It's thrown around so loosely now. Yes I like the internet, but I want it quick and simple. Want to do my business and get off of it. I'm fine with mobile optimized sites and a smaller screen that makes me scrool more if I'm in wide mode. Just give me a browser that I can at least access everything without a hitch unlike Blazer. If I'm surfing on my phone it's usually for short periods and fairly specific. I don't need the rich surfing of the web on a 2x4" screen for that. Give me lean, mean and highly pocketable any day. I bet some would think it refreshing over full screen touch models.
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    A palm based phone with the LG Lotus form factor? I'd buy one the day it came out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hdhntr23 View Post
    I had a Kyocera 7135 and that thing was a tank. The hinge wouldve lasted forever. Too bad the radio and mother board had a fatal flaw in the welding but as far as the body and the flip... It was choice.
    Yep - same here. The hinge did start to get flaky on my 7135, but that was after 4 years! I'd love another flip. I really like my Centro, but I miss having a flip with the built-in screen protection and no need to keyboard lock to prevent random calls.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cavingjan View Post
    What is the point to a clamshell phone? To protect the screen/keys? If so, you could try a flip case. If the point is to decrease size, won't that just cause the phone to be twice as think?
    I don't want to have to buy a case! I had my 7135 for over 4 years without a case and it worked great. It had many falls to the ground with no damage and no scratches to the screen.

    Another great feature of a flip is that, when open, it's long enough that mic and speaker are actually near your mouth and ear.

    There's obviously a market for them: how many bazillion Razrs were sold?
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    The Samsung Cleo has a similar form factor, and I prefer the keyboard--I fear with the Lotus I'd be hitting the wrong key all the time. The Cleo keyboard reminds me forcibly of the Centro there you go.

    I, too, would buy a Palm OS phone in that formfactor in a heartbeat. Preferably with a Foleo-like device to go with it for more serious e-mailing. Maybe a cross between the Eee PC, the Foleo, and the Redfly, with the ability to tether or otherwise use the Internet capabilities of the smaller device on the larger device.

    (The Cleo is also prettier than the Lotus. There, I said it.)
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    well I'll give you the Cleo is a nicer looking phone, but the pink is all you. Do they have a problem with dark colors? I do understand the fascination with big screens and rich multimedia experience, but I'd bet the farm there would be long lines for something like the Cleo or Lotus with a bezel-less touchscreen to maximize screen real eastate, a halfway decent external OLED and you'd have a hit. I'd take a Linux OS whether it's Palm based or gPhone based. I think both will have big upsides down the road. I wonder what LG did with Samsung's Palm tech, but at this rate, I doubt we'll never know.
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    Even with a small screen like on the Lotus/Cleo, you can get online in a limited way (like we do now with Treos and Centros). If I needed a "rich" browsing experience, I could use the Foleo-like device. Then if I were just running out for lunch, pop the little phone in a pocket or handbag and you're ready to go.

    P.S. I do like the colors on the Cleo but really I like the keyboard and the swoopy flowered design.
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    I deleted my one little paragraph similar to your statement. I have a Lenovo S10 that goes everywhere with me when I need that rich browsing experience and impromptu extended use. For all the other times, I'd rather have the most pocketable thing possible that's a great phone, great pda with decent enough bells and whistles for when I need them. Wonder if they'll ever listen. Sometimes I think I'd be happy with something like the above two if it just had a good PDA. I can't understand why they don't put more robust contact and calendar functions on some of these dumb phones.
    Pixi: Sold. Pre: Passed off to another rep. Touchpad: Just a toy until Cloud syncing arrives, and a better doc editor.
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