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    I've been using a 650 for the last couple of years. The main problem I have is the outdated Bluetooth connectivity which means I can't connect to my headset. I also want to be able to play my music through the Bluetooth headset.
    I have tried updating the phone software from 1.09 to 1.20 which succeeded only in me wasting a week trying to get the unit back to where it was.
    I would appreciate some suggestions for a replacement unit, I would even consider non-Treo ones.
    It must:
    1. Have the latest Bluetooth (is it 2.0?)
    2. Be able to stream audio through the Bluetooth connection
    3. Be able to send & receive MMS
    4. Would prefer Palm rather than Windows but not the end of the world
    5. Must have either an external ringer switch & vibrate function or a VERY EASY to reach ringer off button
    6. Must have a proper QWERTY keyboard not the stupid little things most mobile phones have

    Thanks for reading through & I look forward to seeing your recommendations.

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    Hmm... I don't know if there is any GSM PalmOS Treo device that has Bluetooth 2.0, so that may rule this out for you...

    If I were looking to replace my 680 and had that audio requirement, I'd have the Nokia E71, Treo Pro, Centro and possibly the BlackBerry Storm on the list. I'd need another application to stream music over Bluetooth using the Centro and I can't remember how easy it is to silence the Nokia or Storm.
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