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    Just got my first bill after migrating from Sprint Business Connection to Sprint Mobile Email Work on my Centro. Sprint Business Connection was end of lifed about a month ago for the Treo/Centro.

    Now they tack a $9.99/month charge on my Sprint bill:
    Sprint: Premium Browsable - SprintR Mobile Email $9.99

    I called up. I guess if you don't have an "Everything" plan, then Sprint Mobile Email Work is a $9.99/month charge. Non-Work version is free.

    Nice. Something that was included in my plan for 9 years is now being charged because they changed the name.

    I called and talked to retention because there is no way I am going to pay more just because they changed the name. Got a $9.99/month credit on my account.

    Still not happy about the charge because there was nothing on the web-site that said anything about this.
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    I find Sprint is much like Comcast in that any change or communication with them (including simply renewals) result in increased charges. When I went from my old Samsung A900 to the Treo, Sprint told me I had to get a new plan. For the same services, I went from $35 to $65 a month. Real nice...

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