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    Are you having any problems? The Web Pro proxy server I've used for a few years

    stopped working a few days ago. Is there a new server and what is the port number?
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    there were similar reports about nweb failing (the successor to WebPro) in the i500 forums.

    about a year ago when the proxy dropped for a few days, I did a scan for other proxies and created a whole list of them... Here's what I found:

    Proxy ports 8827, 8775 15 15 45



    as you can see, Novarra had set up many proxies, 20-30 of them. Most worked with both WebPro and nweb. They all start with the IP address 64.27.165.X .

    I don't really have the means to easily test them now, but use the list above to try to see of any are still active and please report back...

    Otherwise... grab a copy of Xiino... presuming that proxy still works...

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