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    I am not a tech guy but I have been using Treos since the 300. I am also not a fan of the Windows based Treos at all. I do have a question about the rumored Linux Treo. If Palms next generation of smartphone will be based on a Linux OS, I assume that neither palm OS or windows OS software will be compatible. If developers are going to have to come up with a whole new library of software for a company that has been losing market share for years, is there any likelihood that they will actually produce the broad range of software that makes Palm OS products so attractive in the first place? If they don't and you have to live with the applications that a smartphone comes with, what is palm/linux value proposition relative to a Blackberry or any number of smartphones currently and cheaply available?
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    All of Palm's info on their upcoming (rumored) Linux based Treo, said that the new OS would be backward compatible with Palm programs.
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    As phrogilot says, there will be an emulator, just like you can run some palm apps on the windoz Treos. All emulator scenarios have some overhead, but hopefully with plans to do this from day 1 it will work better than a later, separate effort like the Windows PalmOS emulator. As to value prop, remember, Linux is Open, and you have Google paying prizes for unique apps, which helps generate excitement for the Linux platform. that doesn't translate directly to Palm Linux apps, but otoh, there's already a world-wide network of Linux developers out there who grew up writing code for accolades and no money. So the potential is there, we'll see where it goes.
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    Also don't forget that PalmOS 5 devices run an emulator to be backwards compatible with earlier applications - those for the Dragonball processor.

    Given how impressed I am with the Pro's hardware, I'm optimistic that the Nova devices will be "swiinnng!"

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