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    What at the chances that Palm's Nova will be able to support 3G (preferablly Next G in australia)?

    I am really interested in the Treo Pro and can rework my contract to get one ASAP. But then I am wary of investing in another Palm device when Nova is hopefully just around the corner.

    I love the Palm OS, and all of my Palm OS apps. I have only been disappointed by POS smartphones because the signal drops out and they randomly reboot themselves.

    If there's a chance for Nova to be stable and run well on 3G etc. then how many people would wait for it instead of getting the Pro?

    I honestly don't like the fact that Telstra currently owns my soul for the forseeable future, and because they usually get the best phones and they run on the Next G network, I seem to compulsively upgrade whenever a new Treo is released.
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    Embrace the horror: Windows Mobile is Palm's future. And it sucks.
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    My Treo 680 will just have to limp along till it is clear what Palm has in store for us circa 2009.
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    I actually have some confidence that the crew from Apple that went to Palm will come up with something interesting. No idea what frequency the 3g network is in Australia, but I'm sure the new Nova phone(s) will at least have the same frequencies that the Pro has.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rambo47 View Post
    Embrace the horror: Windows Mobile is Palm's future. And it sucks.
    The horror.. The sheer, absolute and unbridled frickin horror of winmob....

    The horror of yig......

    I'm fact, I think the next device running winmob should be called the "palm horror"
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    If they do release a nova phone, it'd be another year or so. You may as well ask treo pro or wait for wm7, apple 3.0, etc.. And that's palm's problem, they won't be competing with todays or yesterdays phones by the time they might haul out Nova. It may be dead on arrival. HTC is quietly making every kind of phone for WM and soon android. BB is getting touch. WM will be evolving. Apple may even put in basic features by then

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